Prayer List

Our prayer requests for our Charge this week are:

For Millie Logan

For Pam Dolman

For Edna Michaels

For Thomas Shock Jr.

For Nancy Murman

For Carol Palmer

For Betty Spangeberg

For Joan Kaminski

For Jimmy Boltz

For Diane Quimby

For Ann Galardi

For Clyde Dukes

For Alice Lewis

For Bill Rybitski

For Ann Gaggilardi

For Alan Logan

For David Lohman

For Alan Psolka

For Julian Massey

For Mary Ellen

For Joe Williams for healing and recovery

For those who struggle with insecurities and low self-esteem

For little Nate Grey

For Rebecca who is fighting cancer

For all our health care workers and first responders

For all our governmental, civic, and church leaders

Our Church Family Prayer List

We Pray for our communities, for the young men and women serving our nation, for senior citizens and those in nursing homes and hospitals, for all of our church members who are in care facilities. We pray for Beverly Condo's Family, Kadie Amara, Carswell Family, Millie Logan, Pam Dolman, Edna Michaels, Thomas Shock Jr., Joe Williams, Carol Palmer, Jackie Logan Kozerski, Betty Spangeberg, Joan Kaminski, Elsie Nice, Jimmy Boltz, Diane Quimby, Ann Galardi, Alice Lewis, Bill Rybitski, Ann Gaggilardi, Alan Logan, David Lohman, Nathan Gray, Jullian Massey, Beverly Copeland, Lauren Hockenbury, Nancy Murman, Alan Psolka, Linzi McCabe, Frank Obitz, Maggie Augustaitus, Corey Brennan, Samuel Marranca, James Chucchi, Burt Logan Jr., Shirley Young, Clyde Dukes, Michael Fleming, Tabatha, Vivian Liberski, Kadie Amara, the Davis family, and the Gambini family, John Morehart, Melanie Drust, Craig Davis, Theresa Magda, Amanda Brennan and her children, Debby Korea, Sharla Morehart, Edward Darling.

Please send a message to to have names added or deleted from Our Church Family Prayer List.